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Jan 29, 2010 5:30pm EST
that remove his name d four others om the black list made the decision to coincide wit president karzai's outreach program. >> those who are not part it as i menoned earlier, who are not part o al qaeda and othe, wh are the sons o afghan soil anwho are in thounds and thousands an thousand they have to be reintegrat and ey are welcome toe reintegrated. >> reporter:he oounl black list stillontains the names of 140 taliban mmanders, some of wh aren the american li of killr capture list. past experience hasshown that efforts get themround the negotiing table have prov very dngerous for them. a major offensive isbout to be launched in theudden hearand in helmond by bothu.s. and british troops. the cost ofpresident obama's inforcements is put at $1 million pe soldier per yea that is $30 billion in the next 12 months. al jazeera, kab. >>> as we turn to ts week' roundtab discussion, we're gointoocus entily on afghantan this evening. at yeerday's london conference and beyond, there was renewed talk this wee of trying to negotiate an end to the lng war inafghanistan. joining us once again tonig
Jan 29, 2010 7:00pm EST
to coincide with president karzai's outreach program. >> those taliban who are not part of terrorist networks, as i mentioned earlier, who are not part of al qaeda and other terrorist networks, or the sons of afghan soil and who are in thousands and thousands and thousands, they have to be reintegrated and they're welcome to be integrated. >> but the u.n. blacklist still contains the names of nearly 140 taliban commanders, some of whom are also on the american military's kill or capture list. past experience has shown that efforts to get them around the negotiating table have proved very dangerous for them. a major offensive against taliban strongholds is about to be launched in their sudden hea heartland in helmand by both u.s. and british troops. the coast of president obama's reinforcements is put at $1 million per soldier per year. that's $30 billion in the next 12 months. david chaiter, al jazeera, kabul. >>> as we turn to this week's "roundtable discussion," we're going to focus entirely on afghanistan this evening. at yesterday's london conference and beyond, there was renewed talk thi
Jan 28, 2010 7:00pm EST
responsibiliti forces late this year, or early next year. president hamid karzai said that training the afghans could take five to ten years. and that foreign troops might be needed for 15 years. in tonight's lead focus, we're going to hr about another key component of the emerging afghanistan strategy. from london, chris ship of itn tells us about the newly devised plan to win over the taliban by buying their support. >> reporter: it is easy to be cynical about the conference in afghanistan. in a stately mansion in london where they ate sea bass for lunch. but 60 countries are here today, working on an international plan to end the grueling conflict which has been dragging on for nine years. for the first time the world's military and diplomat elite are preparing a high-risk strategy of buying off the taliban and talking to their leaders. >> let us welcome the plans from president karzai and the government of afghanistan. for an afghan led peace and reintegration program that offers insurgents a way back into mainstream ife. on the condition that they continue to renounce violence, cut any tie
Jan 28, 2010 5:30pm EST
. >> let us wcome the plans fm presiden karzai andhe gornment of afghanistan. resurgence who are prepared to renouniolence offer them a way back gqz mainstam l. >> reporter: the leaders will back a multimillion pound fund split taliban fighters. into those motivatedby ideology and thoseotivated by money. e military alone cannot win is war, it means a political settlement with the taliban is becoming a harsh reality. we must rch out to all of our countrymen. especially our disenchanted brotherswho are not part of al qaeda, or other interests. >> repter: that will include members al qaeda. >> if they put down their weaponsb-u accept the afgh democry, i don't see anyway forheir reintration into the afghan society. >> reporter: iran is a notle absent from these lks, where e internatnal coalition knows itoes not haveong befo public good will toward afghanisnuns dry. >> even before today's meeting, efforts were bng made t buy the suppt of afghans who might turn against the taliban. the new york time reports tt the leaders ofone of the largestribes in southeast afghanistan arfed up with
Jan 18, 2010 7:00pm EST
. the attacks came as president karzai swore in some members of his new cabinet. >> as we took the oath ceremony this were terrorist attacks still ongoing near the presidential palace. this is one of the dangers which afghanistan faces. there are other dangers which are more dangerous and the damage from theman be bigger. these other dangers are from both inside and outside the country. >> reporter: as dusk approaches here in kabul, quiet has returned to the city streets. but the success of this attack by the taliban cannot be measured in conventional military terms. its impact is mainly psychological and political. and in both those areas, it was an undoubted success. david chater, al jazeera, kabul. >>> in turkey the man who shot pope john paul ii nearly 29 years ago was set free. mehmet ali agca was released from a prison on the outskirts of ankara and taken from the scene in a motorcade. you'll recall he shot the pope in st. peter's square in may 1981. two years later, the pontiff visited him in prison and forgave him for the shooting. all these years later, authorities are still uncertain w
Jan 19, 2010 7:00pm EST
on afghanistan reveals how difficult it will be for president hamid karzai to make good on his promise to crack down on rampant corruption in that country. the u.n. office on drugs and crime says $2.5 billion in bribes were paid to public officials over the past 12 months. those bribes added up to almost a quarter of afghanistan's gross domestic product. one person in two in afghanistan had to pay at least one kickback in the last year. >>> corruption, you may recall, is also a big issue in china. today a former judge on china's highest court was sentenced to life in prison for accepting almost $600,000 in bribes. but he's hardly alone. china's official anti-corruption commission said that 106,000 officials were found guilty of corruption last year. last week, the office of the top prosecutor said 4,000 chinese officials had fled the country with a total of $50 billion in stolen cash over the last three decades. which takes to us this question. as chinese technology helps power that country toward surpassing japan as the world's second largest economy after the u.s., is china stealing to get th
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6